The Balance of theories

From: Michael Cule (
Date: Sun 03 May 1998 - 15:17:55 EEST

Jane Williams:

>On the Heroplane, only Mythic Law applies. Heroquesting consists of using
>that to alter things in the HP, then convincing the mundane world to
>follow suit.
>Without someone deliberately concentrating on one set of laws or the
>other, which controls things, Mundane or Mythic? That depends on which is
>strongest. And that depends on who has been reenforcing each one. Mundane
>Law tends to win (Entropy being a part of Mundane Law!), but every act of
>magic or worship in Glorantha strengthens Mythic Law. And this is a very
>good thing. Take a look at Glorantha: it's a lozenge floating on an ocean,
>in the middle of a sphere or three. What do you think would happen if
>Mundane Law won, and Gravity noticed what was going on? That's why the
>Sacred Time ceremonies are so important. No matter what event they
>reenact, they reenforce Mythic Law. And without Mythic Law, Glorantha
>would not exist.

When I asked Greg at a Convulsion what the world of the Fourth Age,
after the death of the Gods and the end of the Sacred Time, looked like
he pointed with a sweeping gesture out of the window to our 'Real'

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Michael Cule


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