Secret of the God Learners; Heler

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Date: Mon 04 May 1998 - 02:48:32 EEST

Erich Schmidt proposed

> > I remember at Convulsion ('94, I think), GS said that the God Learner
> > could be expressed, in English, in three words.
> How about "Myth mirrors reality"?

As I recall it, the God Learner Secret is no longer valid because the
universe changed.

Lord Julian wonders about "sea Heler."

I'm far from convinced he's a sea god -- he's a water god, which isn't the
same thing (e.g. Oslira is not a sea goddess). If he is worshipped by the
mermen, then maybe it's as an adventuring god -- he leaves the salty
embrace of the sea and ventures into the sky.

But a god you can only worship by leaving your home and going into hostile
territory? Doesn't sound mainstream.

> westerners can get DI from God, apparently

I don't think they do.

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