Western Ressurrection

From: Jose Ramos (jose@kobo.es)
Date: Mon 04 May 1998 - 16:14:43 EEST

Julian Lord asks, among other things, about malkioni Ressurrection.

        Ressurrection is rare in the West, not for any game balance reason,
but for religious ones. If your soul goes to eternal Solace, bringing it

back is a big crime against God (even if possible, as observers in Glorantha
claim the Westerner's souls disappear after death, so they cannot be brought
back), and a risk for the ressurrectee of losing the soul later. So, even if
it can be done, it is bad magic.

        To reanimate a dead body, with or without the original occupant
bound as a ghost, is possible with sorcery, but necromantic and something an
unaligned sorceror would do. Great for a evil sorcerer to come back from the
grave, however, controlling its own undead body.

        The brithini are known to have ressurrection, and practise it always
they can (they are said to be able to recover most casualties in a battle,

if they win). But they are unconnected to Solace, so the moral component is
missing. And they probably have a spell or ritual that keeps the soul close

to the body until reunited again. And for them, any stat deterioration (or
POW expense) is better than death.

        I had read about DI to God, but I have miracles very rare in the
West. How can they think God is remote and aloof otherwise? The Saints
however are other thing, but the Saints presented in RQ material and Sandy's
sorcery are too game mechanical. In brief, if you are a devotee of St.

Gerlant, Warrior King, your sword flames, and you can try to get his help in
matters related with battle. If you follow St. Gerlant, wise son of Arkat,
you get help in rulership matters, and (paying POW) the will to do the right
thing for your fief, whatever that may be. Prayers are important too.

        Your Glorantha May Vary,



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