Mythic Law Enlightenment

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Date: Mon 04 May 1998 - 15:21:36 EEST

8-)Jane Williams

>Mundane Law>

Good model.

>Mythic Law>

OK model. =

Douglas Hofstadter in one of his books (sorry, no idea which
one) gives a description of the ultimate rules-lawyers' game.
The basic rule (law) is that each player takes turns proposing changes to=

the laws of the game, which are enacted according to another (modifiable)=
 rule. =

EVERY law in the game can be changed, according first to the starting set=
, =

or "Constitution", which can be modified during play. =

Laws can be enacted forbidding changes to some of the rules
but these laws can themselves be repealed later. The procedures, =

as I understand them, can become very complicated. (No, I have
never and will never play this game ... ) =

IMO your Mythic Law would work along these lines, provided Mythic Law
were governed by itself as well as governing heroic action.

Heroquesting doesn't work like this in IMG. =

But for Glorantha as mindscape? Mythic Law seems pretty much OK to me!

(Except of course that it *sounds* like 8-( RuleMaster ... )

>Without someone deliberately concentrating on one set of laws or the
>other, which controls things, Mundane or Mythic? =

The Dragon =D8 does, in Glorantha, from a mystical perspective.

(Mystic Law? Impossible! IMHO and here your story breaks down a bit ... )=

8-)Nils Weinander:

>while it's very hard to become illuminated if you try consciously for it=
, =

>I think long and hard study is needed to reach enlightenment.

Well, yes. I think, though, that in the history
of RW ideas, the Enlightenment movement was successful because it was
_easier_ than trying to understand the religious feeling.
        (Understanding the religious feeling: =

        almost an oxymoron,but not quite.)
Enlightenment, as I see it, was essentially a technique for
acheiving intellectual clarity which had very little to do =

with mysticism. (Flames welcome if I'm wrong here ... ) =

Illumination transcends intellectual clarity by creating a space
between and around the objects of intellectual activity, where the =

soul can exist in a state approaching contentment. It is a state of being=

which can become distressing where logic is a source of joy. (RW: Now!)

Intellectual clarity *can* lead to illumination, and it will whenever
this clarity is pure. =

Similarly, illumination *can* lead to intellectual clarity in minds =

which have access to proper education (organised or not). =

But the two are neither necessary to each other nor opposed IMO.

Of course, if Gloranthan "enlightenment" isn't like RW Enlightenment,
then the above is a load of puppy poo.=


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