Western view of Gods

From: Dougie Crawford (dougiepunk@easynet.co.uk)
Date: Mon 04 May 1998 - 19:26:43 EEST

Without wanting to get anywhere near the Devlyn debate, I would like to
share my veiw on reconcilling Theist and mono/a thiest.

Maybe because I was brought up on RQ2, I always thought one of the most
magical things about Glorantha was the omnipresence of the gods - their
undeniable reality. This of course This of course creates difficulties in
the West, particully with what seems to the current consensus on the Digest
that the two systems of beleif are incompatable but equally valid. I'm sorry
but I find this unsatisfactory - it works in the RW because no-one can
really prove thaie point - but in Glorantha.

I have always thought that Westeners (Malkioni & Atheists) accepted the
existence and even the power of the gods but did not think they were worth
worshiping - they are after all simply creations of the Invisible God - the
true creator. Thus an Orlanthi might point out that Orlanth is the god of
the winds and King of the gods so should therefore be worshiped and the
Westener would agree up to a point (the worshippeng part). That Orlanth is
god of winds is simply part of the Invisibe God's divine plan and that he
may be king of the gods (according to this heathen's dogma) is niether here
nor there they are all ultimately just petty spirts and if they want to
argue about who is on top of the dung hill, who cares.

That sorcerers can bypass these godlets and manipulate the underlying fabric
of the universe shows that they are themselves as potentially powerful as
the gods ergo no need to worship them. The only being worth worshiping (and
Brithini et al don't even bother with this), is the Creator - the uber-god.

The theist OTOH considers sorcerers evil precicely because they do muck
around with the fabric ie. the phisical laws of the universe a very
dangerous thing to do - that even the gods are limited in since time.

BTW am I the only one to see similarities between the Invisible God and
Arachne Solari.


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