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Date: Mon 04 May 1998 - 19:44:13 EEST

Jane Williams:
<Why do you think a CA initiate must lose her membership of Ernalda?=20
        This is not directed to me, but here is my opinion of Orlanthi
cult membership for what it's worth.=20

Most everyone is considered a lay member of Orlanth and/or Ernalda in
their youth. Upon reaching adulthood, most are initiated into one of
these cults. When an Orlanthi decides to join another, more specialized
cult, such as Lhankor Mhy, Issaries, Chalana Arroy, Heler, Storm Bull,
etc., he doesn't exactly lose his former initiate status, but the new
faith sort of subsumes the old one. Thus, a Sartarite Lhankor Mhy
worshiper is still part of the Orlanth religion, and he is welcome to
attend Orlanth worship services. However, his own cult restrictions
replace the old ones, and he is not considered apostate if he _doesn't_
attend Orlanth services, pay tithing, etc.. In essence, his former
membership in Orlanth becomes that of emeritus -- he is treated
basically as a lay member. Of course, if he _wants_ to maintain dual
membership, doing so would probably involve a more strenuous effort
(double tithing, and so forth).=20
        Hence, I think that it is perfectly fair for a CA healer to be a
member of Orlanth and Ernalda. What Orlanthi would be upset if a CA
healer chose to attend a worship ceremony? The healer probably wouldn't
participate in every last detail of the worship, but I'm sure provision
would be made for her.=20

Western Resurrection
        I think it is very hard, maybe impossible to all but Brithini.
And Brithini do it by cheating (and by not having souls).=20

>With Heler as a War god, do the mermen gain some kind of military
advantage versus land men?
        Why would the Merfolk worship Heler? I guess I missed something
along the line. What is wrong with the traditional merfolk war-gods;
Golod, Iphara, King Undine, Lorian, Magasta, Phargon, Wachaza, and so
forth? These would seem to fit the bill pretty neatly for most tribes,
and for tribes that don't worship them, they can fall back on Manthie,
Varchulanga, Drospoly, Gloomshark (for chaos-friendly tribes), Annilla,
or even Waertag.=20
        It seems to me that Heler is the classic case of a "tame", safe,
water god, and would hold little interest for most merfolk.=20

Peter M.=20
>And besides what's the moral difference between casualties from ethnic
cleansing and murder?
        The former is done for political reasons, the latter for
personal. In the first case, you are killed because of what _you_ are,
in the latter for what the _murderer_ is. The former is far more

Rich Ohlson
>Might as well ask, "What color is Uleria's underwear?"
        The color of hen's teeth, mare's nests, and wizard's souls. She
wears a similar brand to that worn under a proper kilt.=20

Martin Dick
> 3) In a modern Western country, we devote somewhere in the vicinity =
10% of GDP to medicine Given the comparison=20
>between modern medicine and the healing magics of Chalana Arroy, why
wouldn't a Sartarite clan spend a similar=20
>percentage of their energy (magical and economic) on Healers?
        The Sartarites are an ancient agrarian economy, not a modern
industrialized capitalist state. They need to spend far more effort on
simple food production than a modern state, leaving less excess yield
for the support of "service jobs" such as full-time healers. Think of
how different our culture would be if 85-90% of us had to be dirt
farmers, fishers, or shepherds in order to survive, and if the great
majority of our labors went to feed our own families, leaving only a
minor surplus to trade for goods and services.=20
        Note also that CA is an extremely harsh cult. It is _much_
harder to train to be a CA healer than to become a modern-era doctor. =
addition, once you become a CA healer, it's very hard to support
yourself any other way (i.e., you don't have a "fall-back" job).
Nonetheless, I'm sure the Sartarites spend as much effort on healers as
possible. Still most Sartarite healers worship Ernalda, the Earth =
or similar faiths. After all, an Ernalda healer can also bless crops,
herd cattle, etc., and for most healing jobs, she does okay. CA is not
the only healing cult ... it's just the best (and sternest).=20

> I don't think that the scurvy is a disease in Glorantha.
        I think that it _is_ a disease in Glorantha, that it is
attributed to evil curses of the merfolk, and that not all cultures are
aware of the simple prayers and chants which ward it off, when combined
with a symbolic holy "feast" of cabbage, vinegar, citron, or one of the
sacred fruits of the East Isles (citrus fruits mostly). I think that =
cult of Dormal teaches it, though.=20


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