Re: Enlightenment

From: Nils Weinander (
Date: Mon 04 May 1998 - 23:30:27 EEST

Lord Julian:
> Of course, if Gloranthan "enlightenment" isn't like RW Enlightenment,
> then the above is a load of puppy poo.=

What you wrote was far from poo, but this last line
puts the spotlight on an important distinction:
Gloranthan enlightenment and illumination are magical
states of mind in a fantasy world which is radically
different from our world in some respects. So, they
are not necessarily completely explainable to us.

It is great fun to speculate about what lunar illumination
and Kralorelan enlightenment really are, but I think
there will always be a core which we will have to
just accept without being able to tell how they work.

Back to the speculation: yes, both illumination and
enlightenment can bring intellectual clarity. The
distinction I tried to make lies in the method to
achieve the desired state: mainly subconcious influences
or conscious study. In the end, both require revelation.
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