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From: Julian Lord

Sorry about the frog keyboard messing up my posts.
Jane Williams:

>We can add to the richness of Glorantha by coming up with Mythic Law
>reasons for as much as possible, while (preferably) not contradicting
>Mundane Law. And coming up with multiple contradictory reasons is a Good=


This is nice =


>There are just a few really big things that Mundane Law says are =

>impossible. One of them is the existance of Glorantha. =

Ummm, no. This is Develyn's Doom. =

Glorantha *is* ; ipso facto it is *not* impossible. =

Mundane Law is wrong if it says this. But some things *are* impossible
which are the things that heroes do ...

>I wonder: should I define Chaos as a third alternative?

Yup, with mysticism as number four.

David Dunham:

>Lord Julian wonders about "sea Heler."

>I'm far from convinced he's a sea god -- he's a water god, which isn't t=
>same thing (e.g. Oslira is not a sea goddess). If he is worshipped by th=
>mermen, then maybe it's as an adventuring god -- he leaves the salty
>embrace of the sea and ventures into the sky.

>But a god you can only worship by leaving your home and going into hosti=
>territory? Doesn't sound mainstream.

I think this is a non-problem as far as mainstream mermen are concerned.
For them, Heler would be a very minor figure in their cultural initiation=
(But have YOU ever seen a mainstream merman PC?)

=46rom a GL point of view Heler's an ex-sea god.
This point of view would IMO not be shared by a pious merman.
(See Wyrm's Footprints where I should have looked before asking
silly waterspout questions hello Nick BTW)

Someone pointed out recently that mermen tend to stick to coastal regions=
So the hostile territory wouldn't be too far away ...

I'm beginning to conclude that Heler probably *is* a merman Horned God,
mainly because I hear that Daga's worhippers are shamans.
I am a little wary of such an easy symmetry though ...

Open to further suggestions. =

>ME> westerners can get DI from God, apparently

>DD>I don't think they do.

Some say so. I'm undecided.
a) I really don't like DI.
b) I allow it as a game tool.
c) But why should some PCs get it and not others?
d) What limitations would God have in answering DI?

Unpleasant and yet perfectly logical answer to d) : none.

Is God bound by the Compromise?

RuneQuest Sight:

I hear that the GLs are coming up with a new =

and even more terrible secret weapon:
GloranthaTheGame Sight!

Snippet on Bat-food.

The roman army would decimate any unit which fled enemy forces.
This punishment involved executing one man in ten
belonging to any cowardly unit, hence deci-mate. =

The unit members drew straws as a method of designating the victim.

The lunars obviously *septimate* their own cowards,
and septimated legionaries are Bat-food ...


Jose Ramos:

>Ressurrection is rare in the West, not for any game balance reason,
>but for religious ones. =

>even if it can be done, it is bad magic.

Um ...
Resurrection is also rare in the East, North and South.

Many, many westerners only pay lip service to God.
Death is Here and Now, Solace somewhere, and maybe. Resurrection does tak=
place. You remind me yourself that

>The brithini are known to have ressurrection, and practise it always
>they can (they are said to be able to recover most casualties in a battl=
>if they win). =

My question isn't
: Do westerners practice Resurrection? (answer : they do. rarely?)
: Is it seen as a good/evil thing? (answer: evil.)

It is
: Is there a Call/Recall Life spell available to western (evil) =

sorcerors? Which ones? =

:Is it some horribly soul-destroying evil chaotic krjalk sorcery? =

(A definite possibility!) =

:Or is it more like visiting a clandestine abortionist, =

only in reverse?

What is the Nature of this Spell?

>But they are unconnected to Solace, so the moral component is
>missing. And they probably have a spell or ritual that keeps the soul cl=
>to the body until reunited again.


Do the Brithini *have* souls? =

This is news to me, and, I think, wrong.

>the Saints presented in RQ material and Sandy's
>sorcery are too game mechanical.

Probably 'cos they're still unfinished pieces.

Plus, they're *rules* for a *game*.
Hence, *game* *mechanical*.=


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