Re: Where are the healers?

From: Robert McArthur (
Date: Tue 05 May 1998 - 04:12:25 EEST

Pam says
> So, except for Resurrection and Sleep spells, other deities can provide
> most of CA's benefits. That's how a community can have decent healing
> abilities without a lot of CA acolyes and priest-types running around. And
> since they are also initiates of Ernalda, Yelm, etc, they can have other
> useful skills (ie, "day jobs as farmers"), as well.

While more RQy than Gloranthan, it seems strange to me that a CA has to make
a specific committment to never harming another being (knowingly?), and gets
the 'benefits' of the spells and cult/community support. Now, CA provides
some of her spells to associated cults. Shouldn't members of those cults,
such as Ernalda, who want to learn the CA spells, have to make *some* sort
of committment as well? The power of the spells comes from CA. I suspect CA
requires users of her spells (or learners of her spells depending on how you
view spells) to adhere to some, maybe lesser, vows/guidelines like her initiates
priests and acolytes.

Robert McArthur


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