More grazer notes

From: danny bourne (
Date: Tue 05 May 1998 - 12:43:18 EEST

>>>>But the Grazers had mythically severed themselves from their former
>>>No they haven't. This is your supposition, not supported by
>>>anything published to date.

There was a handout at the previous Convulsion that discussed this aspect
(amongst others) of the Grazers. If I can find one, I can post sections
from it on the digest.
>>Have you ever taken a look at the disavowal of their Pentan ancestry, and
>>the adoption of the Pain Centaur ancestry? How can you say that the Grazers
>>did not renounce their Pentan/Praxian Pure Horse ties?
>Why is it that given that some Grazers are descended from Pain
>Centaurs, the Grazers must change their rites and myths, completely
>forget their former history (to the point of Amnesia) and pretend
>that they were former centaurs. This is beyond a joke.

In a lengthy discussion with Greg, he told me that the Grazers have
disavowed their 'true' history - ie that the majoraty of the Grazers are
from the remanants of the Pure Horse Tribe that were taken prisoner at the
battle of Alavan Argay and then subsequently escaped the Black Net that was
placed on them. The assumption is that there must have been an indigenous
group of Sun (Kargzant) worshipping nomads already in the Grazelands area -
which was supposed to be devoid of any humans since the Dragonkill War and
that the two factions assimilated. It is not enitirely clear what the
origins are of the original inhabitants (my view is that they were a
remnant from the people led by Kuranits who fled south from Nivoran during
the time of Manarlaus), but the fact is that the almalgm took on the myths
and beliefs of the Pain Centaurs and largely forgot about their ignominious
near-destruction at the hands of the Black Net and Bigambwe.

I'm surprised David Dunham hasn't joined in, he knows far more about this
sort of thing than me.


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