Destroying Gods

From: Simon Hibbs (
Date: Tue 05 May 1998 - 13:43:32 EEST

David Dunham says :

>First of all, some gods are known not to be part of the >Compromise,
such as the Red Goddess. Second, many cultures do >not have myths of a
compromise, including the Pelorians. So >neither the Orlanthi nor the
Lunars would consider heroquesting to >destroy Orlanth as heretical.

Your first point is perfectly true, I was unconciosuly writing from a
theyalan perspective, however I think my point still holds for other
theist cultures for other reasons. I have heard it argued that the Red
Goddess proved her right to exist at Castle Blue, effectively proving
that she was part of the compromise, but perhaps I'm miss interpreting

the debate. It was some time ago.

Other cultures have analogous beliefs to the compromise myth. For
example, the Red Goddess claims to have an inclusive philosophy which
can encompase the world. Destroying Orlanth would violate this claim,
which IMHO is a significant factor in the empire's decline and fall
immediately after the emperor anounced the death of Orthanth after the
fall of whitewall. This was a symptom of the moral corruption of the
empire at it's height.

I'm not on solid ground here, as I'm far from being an expert on
Pelorian religion.



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