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Joerg Baumgartner:

>>The King of Heortland is a seperate entity from the King of the
>>Heortlings. Heortland was so named because King Heort came from

>Heortland was the land of the Heortlings, and covered Kerofinela and
>southern Peloria.


>King Heort came from that Heortland... Over time, the
>definition of Heortland changed, and the Dragonkill War at latest
>constrained the definition on the eastern part of Kethaela.

        'In the Holy Country, for instanse, [Arkat] summoned
        King Heort, Vogarth the Strong Man, and Tessele the
        True, all Silver Age heroes who had vanished from life
        centuries before.'
                        RQ Companion p22.

Tessele is a Caladralander Heroine, Vogarth has been stated by
Stevie to be Esrolian. Ergo Heort comes from Heortland.

>There are old, unpublished maps which show a tribe called Gansavuli in
>Heortland, but AFAIK most if not all of modern Heortland (temporally known
>as Kingdom of Malkonwal) was uninhabited before the Hendriki came to settle
>there. I'd like to see evidence to the contrary, though...

What? You have seen maps that place the Gansavuli in Heortland and
you want me to front up with more evidence? Where do you get the
idea that Heortland was completely unoccupied before the Hendrieki?
ToTRM#7 (p48) merely says 'So many people fled to the Stormwalk
mountains that a new tribe, the Hendriki, was formed from their

>>Wrong. I used the map to point out that the Heortlanders were
>>part of the Jrusteli Empire at one point or another.

>E.g. during the Machine Wars, when part of their land was behind the
>frontlines for a while.

And why could the Machine City not have dominated the people
of Heortland from the time of its founding to the Machine City
Wars? You appear to be denying this possibility with your

insistence that the map supports:

>My claim that Heortland might as well have been a friendly trade
>partner of the Jrusteli merchants around 560 isn't disproven.

I'm not interested in disproving that. I don't think it's why
Heortland was marked in as 'Jrusteli Empire or Ally'. It's just
that I fail to see why the Jrusteli should _not_ have dominated
the people of Heortland at their zenith which _appears_ to be
your belief.

>>>The Hendriki are one tribe. The one with the dominant western influences.
>>>The other tribes are more traditional Orlanthi, though not necessarily all
>>>of the same detail structure as are the Sartarite tribes.

Me>>Source for all this?

>: Four tribes of humans, all civilized Orlanthi, live here. The Hendreiki
>: tribe has been altered from its Orlanthi basics by heavy Malkioni
>: mercantile, religious, and social impact. But although changed, the
>: Theyalan love for political freedom remains.

>This is quite explicite to me: Four large tribes, one of which has accepted
>Malkioni traits. Three haven't.

Read on. The source also goes on to say:

:Instead of "thanes", the _Hendreiki_ warriors are called "knights",
:and are armed to fight in the same manner as their western overlords.
:But _Heortland_'s knights are not a class of nobles, just another
:class of the free classes (my emphasis-PHM).

Given that:

1) _All_ the tribes of Heortland are 'civilized Orlanthi'.

2) Heortland and Hendreiki are used interchangeably.

3) The Hendreiki tribe originally inhabited the region now inhabited
   by four main tribes.

IMO the Hendreiki tribe itself split fourfold at an unknown date
to become a Kingdom with four main tribes. But people still
described the people of Heortland as being Hendreiki and in some
cases referring to them as a tribe (perhaps to mock their
westernized ways?).

>I take from your incredulity that you haven't bothered to take issue
>with the stuff on my website.

I cannot read the stuff on your webpage because you use frames
which is incompatible with one of my browsers (lynx) and the
other browser refuses to load at all for some exotic reason.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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