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From: Nils Weinander (
Date: Wed 06 May 1998 - 09:24:09 EEST

Julian Lord shows that he has embraced the paradox:
> This is an absolutely true, and yet generally false statement,
> which I agree with completely!

To the point!

Jose Ramos on divine intervention:
>>d) What limitations would God have in answering DI?
>Well, a God whose existence cannot be proved except by faith will not answer
>many DIs. A big limitation IMO.

Hmm, participants in malkioni worship receive a "good
feeling" as a "preview" of Solace. Not as tangible as
a rune spell, but more than a leap of faith. Furthermore,
the saints were exemplary worshippers of the IG and they
can give you undeniable evidence of their existence.
Surely that is proof enough for the IG's existence?

However, I don't think the IG grants divine intervention
other than in very special cases (the reveleations of
the prophets). But I do think the saints can perform
divine interventions, although somewhat limited in scope.

And a "bravo!" to Nick for an excellent description of
mainstream malkioni attitude towards the many gods!
Nils Weinander | Everything is dust in the wind |


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