Yet more on Mundane/Mythic Law

From: Jane Williams (
Date: Tue 05 May 1998 - 23:26:19 EEST

(And I'm surprised no-one's renamed those yet)

Lord Julian:
> Glorantha *is* ; ipso facto it is *not* impossible.
> Mundane Law is wrong if it says this. But some things *are* impossible
> which are the things that heroes do ...
No, I meant it. RW Mundane Law says inter alia that bumble-bees can't

fly, and that Uri Geller can't bend spoons. And it's wrong. But, in both
universes, Mundane Law is not the only Law around and Mythic Law does the
job nicely. This is rather more important in Glorantha than in the RW,
unless you desperately need a bent spoon.

>> I wonder: should I define Chaos as a third alternative?
> Yup, with mysticism as number four.
I see mysticism as just another branch of Mythic Law, myself. Not a
branch I know much about, so I'm ignoring it.

BTW, a private email on the subject started with the assumption that
Gloranthan Mundane Law is not the same as RW Mundane Law. This is not my
assumption (and that particular conversation won't get any further until
we've got assumptions back in line.) Comments? I've always assumed that
normal life functions the same way in Glorantha as in the RW unless
otherwise stated (assume Hell has a high mass so gravity works).

Jane Williams


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