Where do god powers come from? (Healer thread)

From: Pam Carlson (carlsonp@wolfenet.com)
Date: Tue 05 May 1998 - 22:20:51 EEST

Robert asks:

> While more RQy than Gloranthan, it seems strange to me that a CA has to
> a specific committment to never harming another being (knowingly?), and
> the 'benefits' of the spells and cult/community support. Now, CA
> some of her spells to associated cults. Shouldn't members of those
> such as Ernalda, who want to learn the CA spells, have to make *some*
> of committment as well? The power of the spells comes from CA.

THis is an interesting issue. I suspect that most higher magics require
some sort of offering or commitment on the part of the learner. Learning a
spell requires a ritual which in some way follows the actions that deity
took to get that power. If a village has a shrine to CA, then the villagers
who sacrifice for those spells might have to follow some of the strictures
of CA.

However, not all healing magics are from CA. I think that the earth
goddesses have quite a bit of healing power on their own. Growth and
rebirth are central themes for earth deities. Yelm's healing magics come
from his mythic return from the underworld and his defeat of Malia. To use
these powers effectively, you would have to follow the strictures and
heropaths of these cults - some of which do relate to CA. (Several paths
place great importance on protecting CA - Storm Bull/Orlanth and Yelm come
to mind.)

>I suspect CA requires users of her spells (or learners of her spells
depending on how you
> view spells) to adhere to some, maybe lesser, vows/guidelines like her
> priests and acolytes.

Sure - for those who get healing spells through CA shrines. If you get
them at the Ernalda shrine, you're much more free to whomp your enemies....
(especially if you return to Ernalda some of the spoils).



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