Re: Lunar Compromise

From: Nick Brooke (
Date: Tue 05 May 1998 - 22:26:57 EEST

David Dunham wrote:

>> Some gods are known not to be part of the Compromise, such as the
>> Red Goddess.

And Simon Hibbs replied:

> I have heard it argued that the Red Goddess proved her right to exist
> at Castle Blue, effectively proving that she was part of the Compromise,
> but perhaps I'm misinterpreting the debate. It was some time ago.

The Red Goddess surely proved that she was included in the Compromise at
Castle Blue. This is IMO the only reasonable reading of the relevant texts
(CoT History; Zero Wane History). If you disagree, please re-read the
sources and make a case for your own variant interpretation.

One *possible* problem is, the Lunars would agree that the world was "torn
apart and remade" at Castle Blue. Ambitious Orlanthi could say, "Why not do
it again?" (Remind them of the Great Darkness, last time Orlanthi tried
anything like this).

> The Red Goddess claims to have an inclusive philosophy which can
> encompass the world. Destroying Orlanth would violate this claim,
> which IMHO is a significant factor in the empire's decline and fall
> when the emperor anounced the death of Orthanth after the fall of
> Whitewall. This was a symptom of the moral corruption of the empire
> at its height.

Nicely argued.

Part of the problem IMO is that the Lunar Empire incorporates Dara Happa,
and the Dara Happans have always been a bit iffy about this "fifth element"
business. (Reasonably enough, if you saw the movie). Hence the Death of
Orlanth, the Genocide of the Ducks, Moon-Burn on Rist, and all manner of
other atrocities. Including Sheng. All their fault. Not us: them!

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