Re: The Glorantha Digest V5 #591

From: Simon Hibbs (
Date: Tue 05 May 1998 - 14:23:39 EEST

Jane Williams :

>In a very few cases, Mundane Law and Mythic Law disagree. Mundane >Law
says that if you drop an apple, it falls. Mythic Law says "not if you
>cast the right spell on it". Mundane Law says "do what?". Mythic Law
>then starts arguing over whether you use Sorcery, Spirit Magic or
>Magic, and how those work in any case, but we still have a flying apple

>where Mundane Law says it should have hit the ground.

You are assuming that there is an underlying 'mundane law' reason why an
apple should fall, which is independent of magical forces and
principles. I would say that flying magic directly manipulates the
fundamental foreces which cause the apple to fall. A terestrial iron
nail can be manipulated using magnetic fields because it itself is
magnetic. The natural pervasive magic which causes it to fall in the
first place is of exactly the same nature as the magic of the spell
which causes it to float.

Magic _is_ the gravity of glorantha, just as it is the earth of
glorantha, the fire of glorantha and the light of glorantha.

Saying that magic and mundane law are opposed to each other in glorantha
is like saying that quantum mechanics and relativity are opposed to each
other in the real world. Both describe different phenomena and the
behaviour of the world in different sets of circumstances. Neither is
the whole truth, but they describe the same world from different
perspectives. This is analogous to atheism, pantheism and mysicism in
glorantha. Saying that the true nature of glorantha is actualy
independent of and in opposition to these is a difficult possition for
me to come to grips with.



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