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La verite est une certaine forme de pertinence enonciative.
              O. Soutet, Linguistics Professor at the Sorbonne

From: Julian Lord (in pleasant company)

Sandy Petersen: =

>Why would the Merfolk worship Heler? =

>I guess I missed something along the line. =

I have no idea. But: Wyrm's Footprints p.45.

>What is wrong with the traditional merfolk war-gods;

Nothing, of course.

>It seems to me that Heler is the classic case of a "tame", safe, =

>water god, and would hold little interest for most merfolk.

It looks like this thread is ending. =

The above WF reference must be a sweeping GL generalisation. =

It must be the GLs who decided that an unknown god =

worshipped by merfolk was the same as Orlanthi Heler.

The Orlanthi probably believe as a result of this that merfolk =

worship Heler. This belief must have some effect on the cult
of Heler and on his worshippers. Perhaps on *some* merfolk, too.

One way perhaps for river-or lake-dwelling merfolk to join =

Orlanthi society? Perhaps the WF story mirrors a historical
event of absorption into the Orlanthi of some merfolk clans?

One military possibility I have thought of, though:
Rain Spirits can be used to support undines.
Undines are used by merfolk as transport vehicles/tanks/etc.
Clutching at straws?

I think I'm satisfied that the merfolk, in fact, don't =

worship Heler.=


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