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Date: Tue 05 May 1998 - 16:06:13 EEST

From: Julian Lord

Nils Weinander: =

>illumination and enlightenment ( ... ) both require revelation.

This is an absolutely true, and yet generally false statement,
which I agree with completely!


Jane Williams:

>First meta-law of Mythic Law: two or more contradictory facts =

>*can* be simultaneously True. (Could also be phrased as =

>"everything depends on your POV", perhaps).
>Second meta-law of Mythic Law: changing or inventing new =

>Facts is hard work, and the more other facts it contradicts, =

>the harder it is. I hope those two between them squash the =

>"let's re-write the rules every day" approach as hard =

>as it deserves.

Yes, and these would be perfectly good laws in RulesLawyerQuest
too! =

Basically I agree with you, but I feel that RLQ =

provides meta-laws which *prove* that your
ideas are generally right. Also, you cannot invent a
law which contradicts RLQ, because RLQ can modify
itself to contain the very same law.

In case you haven't noticed, you're trying to start =

a game of RLQ. No, thanks!

RLQ deserves squashing because it is ugly, not
because it is wrong (it isn't). =

>The whole of Glorantha is a dream of the Cosmic
>Dragon. (And "mystical" is a sub-set of "Mythic"). Or is that
>oversimplifying things a bit?

Beware Develynism.


Robert McArthur: =

>While more RQy than Gloranthan, it seems strange to me that a =

>CA has to make a specific committment to never harming another =

>being (knowingly?), and gets the 'benefits' of the spells and =

>cult/community support.

Um. The *really* odd thing about CA is that her Spirit of
Retribution is essentially a Disease Spirit.

Also, a CA can get someone else to hurt someone she doesn't like.

CA and Malia are kindred entities.
Nils Weinander:

>Just so we don't forget: heroquests and other forms of
>religious reformation usually change the cult practices
>and ways of worship, but _very_ rarely the essence of
>a god. When such change happens it is even more rarely
>intentional as warping your deity is singularly blasphemous
>for a believer.

But not for an illuminated krjalk GL heroquester!

I don't think that rarity is an issue. Change *does*
happen (though obviously not at Chapel on Godsday).

No-one's forgetting that of the various levels of
heroquesting, changing gods is one of the toughest,
and most difficult to do in a game. That's why it so =

often gets singled out for debate. =

<Elmal question sidestepped>


As a new guy on the list,
I must confess my surprise that =

the heroquesting debate has progressed so little
since Tales number 7. =

It looks seriously stale to me.=


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