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Julian Lord nitpicks in my favourite subject:

>>JL> westerners can get DI from God, apparently
>>DD>I don't think they do.
>Some say so. I'm undecided.
>a) I really don't like DI.
>b) I allow it as a game tool.

Why? Do you kill players as a matter of course? Or as a way to represent
divine acts outside the magic system? Those are the two main reasons to
allow DI, IMO.

>c) But why should some PCs get it and not others?

Because the others have a different magic and other advantages.

>d) What limitations would God have in answering DI?

Well, a God whose existence cannot be proved except by faith will not answer
many DIs. A big limitation IMO.

>Is God bound by the Compromise?

You mean Zzabur's Bring Dawn spell? Why? He was always as remote as now. The
Invisible God has not changed in appeareance before and after the Dawn, at
least according to the malkioni.

Note: before that thread resurfaces again, I know that Western religion,
however, has evolved a lot with time since Malkion began his revelations.

>Many, many westerners only pay lip service to God.

Why? Most westerners respect and fear God. They may distrust the local
church, however. But to suppose that most people don't believe is a XXth

century rationalist projection. People need to believe. I have found this
attittude in many glorantaphiles, and I suspect it is because they wear
always their Dragon Pass theist/XXth century rationalist glasses on, who
cannot accept belief in an "Invisible God".

And anyway, the peasant probably does not disturb God with prayers, as "He
is very big, and is very, very far away". He will pray to St. Rokar, or St.
Galvan, or St. Damian, who were people like him, who understand his
troubles, and will make things right, in the end.

>Death is Here and Now, Solace somewhere, and maybe. Resurrection does tak=

How? I know of no recorded ressurrection (besides Arkat through the
lightbringer's quest, quite unusual in itself). And you forget that
Westerner's souls/spirits disappear after death. A proven
"magico-scientifical" fact in Glorantha.

And who will do the ressurrecting? The Church who controls almost all magic
use, and condemns it?

>You remind me yourself that
>>The brithini are known to have ressurrection, and practise it always
>>they can (they are said to be able to recover most casualties in a battl=
>>if they win). =

One more reason to avoid doing it. Or do you allow Tap because the brithini
do it? Also it is shown as a proof of the power of the brithini's magic and
the depravity of their lives.

It can be done, but you will find only the brithini who know how to do it.

Reanimator, or necromancy, however, is much more fun and certainly possible.

>: Do westerners practice Resurrection? (answer : they do. rarely?)

People were wondering if there were five or one hundred ressurrections in
Sartar, where there is an active cult known for this power. How many
ressurrections by underground sorcerers (who have many more interestings

things to do) in the West (forgetting the brithini)?

>: Is there a Call/Recall Life spell available to western (evil) =
>sorcerors? Which ones? =

Not IMG. You have Bind Spirit into Body, Reactivate Body (Evoke lightning?),
and Impede Rot.

>:Is it some horribly soul-destroying evil chaotic krjalk sorcery? =
>(A definite possibility!) =

Better just a religious crime. Burn heretic, burn!

>Do the Brithini *have* souls? =
>This is news to me, and, I think, wrong.

I meant, spirit component of the person. You will agree they have spirits, I
suppose. And you need to make it go back into the body to ressurrect that

>>the Saints presented in RQ material and Sandy's
>>sorcery are too game mechanical.
>Probably 'cos they're still unfinished pieces.
>Plus, they're *rules* for a *game*.
>Hence, *game* *mechanical*.=

        Yes, but if you want a functioning society, saints need to be
something more than trumps in your magical sleeve. So being a devotee of St.
Gerlant Flamesword is more than just "pay the POW, get a flaming sword." You
need to strive for justice, to follow Gerlant's ideal, even if you fail.
That's why it is religion and not unaligned magic. It should pervade your
life, and with popular saints, that of your society.

        And you need to determine who can get the blessing. Anyone with the
POW to spare? Is it a private affair, and when you think you are close to
the ideal, you call the flame and the sword flames? Or an ornate ceremony,
where you show before your companions in arms that you embody Gerlant's fire
in yourself and your weapon, by making it flame in the Great Church?

        Can you lose the blessing? Or evolve, as Gerlant himself did change,
to become a follower of St. Gerlant the Wise King? Can you follow at the
same time the way of St. Talor and that of Arkat the Destroyer?

        They are useful guidelines and models, but life is more complex than
that. Unfortunately the West remains just a series of skeleton guidelines
with only a few courageous fellows putting meat on the bare bones, as the
excellent "Book of the Fathers" series proves.

        Don't make the mistake of making the Gloranthan West a poor version
of European Middle Ages. There are much more interesting influences in it.

        Mmm, what is a soap box doing under me?



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