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Date: Wed 06 May 1998 - 15:25:32 EEST

Philip Hibbs:
"Illumination" and "Enlightenment" are effectively the same word, like an
"Allied Spirit" is often called a "Familiar". <snip> ... just that
Enlightenment (whatever that is) was also called Illumination."

     Actually, I don't agree. IMO, Illumination is about learning to
to embrace/resolve paradoxes. Having done this, the totality of Creation
becomes apparent. Enlightenment is about achieving 'Oneness' with all
creation; having done so, one notices that seeming paradoxes aren't
really self-contradicting.
     In essence, I am saying the Illumination starts at A, and B just
naturally flows out of it. Enlightenment is the other way around; you
start with B and A comes along for the ride.
     I have no particular proof of this, except that the Lunars use
riddles and Riddlers to acheive their ends, and the Kralorelans use
study & mediatation. Sounds like appoaching from the opposite sides
to me.


The Muse struck me the other day, but I am recovering nicely...


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