God Learner Secret

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Date: Wed 06 May 1998 - 16:57:29 EEST

G'day all,

God Learner Secret

The Nickster said, in passing:

>PS: Re: this "three word explanation of the God Learner Secret" -- I heard
>(though may be wrong) that this was said by Greg in response to an
>irritatingly persistent and geeky fanboy's claim that he could express it in
>five words. That is, its humour value may be significantly greater than its
>truth value. (As one would expect from Greg).

To put this "three word explanation" guff to bed once and for all, here's
the whole story. Nick's right, some time ago an irritatingly persistent
and geeky fanboy smugly proclaimed to me that he knew the God Learner
Secret, and could express it in 5 words (not that he was going to tell,
nyah, nyah, nyah). In a spirit of pure devilment (and because I knew it
would annoy the hell out of him), quick as a flash I replied, "That's odd,
Stafford told me *he* only needed *3*..." To my amusement and intense
satisfaction this had our chum in mental anguish for the rest of the night,
whining that Stafford's words obviously didn't included conjunctions like
"and" or prepositions like "the". I just smiled knowingly.

(Much later, when I told Stafford the story, he chuckled and said that,
come to think of it, he *could* express the GLS in 5 words, or even 3 if he



PS No, I don't know the secret (but my wife Susan - whose interest in
Glorantha is slightly less than 0.00% - once heard it from a *very
reliable* Source, not that she gives a fig.)

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