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From: Frank Rafaelsen (
Date: Wed 06 May 1998 - 17:50:37 EEST

> From: (Peter Metcalfe)
> >On the point that Yelm is illuminated I think that it is a human term for
> >something they don't understand. In the same Q&A article Greg clearly
> >shows that gods don't need illumination:
(removed quote)

> But the Yelm cult calls this state of conciousness Illumination. It
> was known of circa 200 ST or so before Nysalor was born.

Illumination is still a term for something they are unable to grasp.
Perhaps illumination is _the_word_ for spiritual insights in the Dara
Happan culture? Or perhaps illumination is the cosmic consciousness
associated with ownership of the fire rune. Who knows?

Why can't illumination be: "Hey, the spirits of retribution can't touch
me....why is that I wonder...perhaps I've been illuminated?" An heretical

thought of course since you claim, in some way, to be Yelm's equal.
Everything else Gloranthan is deconstructed in this way, why not
illumination? All we know about Illumination is from Illuminates, and
they do of course belive that they are on a higher level; 'Saying is

The use of a word seperated by 200 years isn't much of evidence anyway.

Frank Rafaelsen
Homo Ludens


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