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Date: Wed 06 May 1998 - 20:27:13 EEST

From: Julian Lord

Jose Ramos :

>a God whose existence cannot be proved except by faith will not answer
>many DIs. A big limitation IMO.

Or by revelation. ie DI.

>ME>Is God bound by the Compromise?

>You mean Zzabur's Bring Dawn spell?


>ME>Many, many westerners only pay lip service to God.

>Why? Most westerners respect and fear God. They may distrust the local
>church, however. But to suppose that most people don't believe is a XXth=

>century rationalist projection. =

Sorry, should just have said "many" , not "many, many".
I really don't have a set opinion regarding the number of people
in Glorantha who have a true faith in God. My reading of St Augustine =

suggests that in his time, at least, it was a minority. =

Living in France tends to support this notion.

>People need to believe. =

But not necessarily in God.

>I have found this
>attittude in many glorantaphiles, and I suspect it is because they wear
>always their Dragon Pass theist/XXth century rationalist glasses on, who=

>cannot accept belief in an "Invisible God".

I, for one, can. =

(Of course, a form of personal revelation from God while on pilgrimage to=

Santiago de Compostela was of great help in this respect.)

>you forget that Westerner's souls/spirits disappear after death. A prove=
>"magico-scientifical" fact in Glorantha.

Not sure I've ever heard this one before. Is it in a published source I'v=

stupidly forgotten about? Is it a Digest consensus?

Smells like heresy to me. Burn him!

>ME>: Do westerners practice Resurrection? (answer : they do. rarely?)

>People were wondering if there were five or one hundred ressurrections i=
>Sartar, where there is an active cult known for this power. How many
>ressurrections by underground sorcerers (who have many more interestings=

>things to do) / ... / ?

Yes, here you have me convinced! These guys have *much* better =

things to do!

(new answer : they don't, except extremely rarely.)

>ME>Do the Brithini *have* souls?
>>This is news to me, and, I think, wrong.

>I meant, spirit component of the person. You will agree they have spirit=
s, I
>suppose. And you need to make it go back into the body to ressurrect tha=

No, I don't. It occurs to me that brithini *can* perform resurrection
because they *don't* have souls. To perform resurrection, then, they =

just have to get the life functions going again, and perhaps have some =

magic for forestalling neural deterioration.
A mere technical problem.

(cultural diatribe appreciated, agreed with, and SNIPped)
French News:

Two publications (in french) which might interest some of you.

1) Casus Belli HS No 21 (Mousquetaires et Sorcellerie)has the latest =

version of Basic RPG, with a cloak and dagger setting and alchemists. =

Seems OK at first glance.
Some RQ4 type rules changes. =

2) The comic "Coeur de canard" (ie Duckheart) is AD&D style adventure
with beautiful art and featuring a duck. =

Not gloranthan, and not the much regretted Danold,
but very nice indeed. By SFAR and Trondheim, published by Delcourt.=


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