Malkioni attitude towards deities

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Date: Wed 06 May 1998 - 22:07:51 EEST

Some more thought, prompted by Nick's description:

>(NB: my personal dislike for the "False Gods" explanation may show through
>in the above. While I'm sure this is *a* Western school of thought -- that
>the gods of the pagans are the ghosts of mighty sorcerers -- I don't like
>the thought of making it their *only* explanation for pagan deities. Of
>course, some sects and schools and teachers would insist that it is: I'm
>trying to keep the field clear for other views, too).

I think the "false gods are really sorcerers" explanation
is sort of a conspiracy theory. It pops up mainly in
areas where Rokari have henotheist neighbours. There
the many gods aren't just something to scare recalcitrant
children with, but a real threat. People could actually
convert to the henotheist heresies.

The false gods are obviously part of the Invisible
God's creation since they grant their worshippers
magic. Since these worshippers claim that the sun is
the god Ehilm and the wind is Worlath, the spirits
they are have thus set up a ruse so that their
worshippers are led to believe that this is the case.

Any true Malkioni knows of course that the wind is
the physical manifestation of the IG's breath which
gave life to the world and the sun is the manifestation
of the fire of his love for his creation.

Anyone who can hide _that_ and set themselves up as
rulers of wind and sun must truly be great sorcerers,
almost to the magnitude of St Zzabur himself! Mere
spirits could never achieve such large-scale delusion.

Oh well, this could be more eloquently expressed, but
I hope the idea is clear enough.
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