Mundane Law

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Date: Thu 07 May 1998 - 02:02:45 EEST

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Jane Williams: =

>Yet more on Mundane/Mythic Law
>(And I'm surprised no-one's renamed those yet)

(Mundane Law: Determinism? A bit yucky, I know ... )

>RW Mundane Law says inter alia that bumble-bees can't =

>fly, and that Uri Geller can't bend spoons. And it's wrong. But, in both=

>universes, Mundane Law is not the only Law around and Mythic Law does th=
e =

>job nicely. This is rather more important in Glorantha than in the RW, =

>unless you desperately need a bent spoon.

Please! Not the old bumble-bee chestnut!

Hadn't you heard that the bright sparks who came up with
that one forgot to take into account that bees are very
small, and so light that they are partially held aloft
by air density, in the same way that a feather doesn't
fall as quickly as a cannonball (at least not in a
dense enough atmosphere)?

It is nonetheless likely that a Range-Rover-sized =

bumble-bee wouldn't be able to fly.

Except, of course in Glorantha, where giant-sized
bumble-bees defy Mundane Law on a daily basis ...

Plus: Uri Geller??!!? =

You mean to say you've been taken in by that old fraud??


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