Re: Debates

From: Ian Thomson (
Date: Thu 07 May 1998 - 14:23:48 EEST

Here's an idea

If someone brings up an idea and its kicked around on the Digest

can they resolve that if possible they are expected to keep track of
it and produce a piece, either on their site (if they have one) or as
a posted article. I'll be happy to post stuff on my site, however it
has slow access sometimes so this might be better in a few months
when I get another site address

I found this relatively easy to do with the Boggles, which wasn't a
debate, more a personal piece of research

and of course it may evelove as more info comes along

I follow these Digest threads and some interest me, but I'm at work
and don't have the time to exhaustively keep track

So I'd love it if from time to time the results of these
arguments/discussions/ideas were pulled together and posted

the witch cult is an article intended for a fanzine so we might see
that sometime

(Hey, I still think its a workable and inspired idea, despite huge
flaws - fine roots in Cthulhu possibly)

but what about all the rest

bloody wrangling back and forth and waiting for an outcome :)

just an idea


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