general musings

Date: Thu 07 May 1998 - 06:42:26 EEST

Please forgive the lateness of these comments, work took me to Bendigo.

The diceless debate prompted me to question how the worship performed by the
parents might affect the characteristics of the offspring. E.G. would
constant war clan status cause the birth of sickly offspring due to a
reduced earth conection? Are the recessive chin & similar "congenital"
traits attributed to DH nobility caused by the worship of a deity distant
from the Earth (Yelm)? rather than the constant inbreeding which was a
contributing factor in RW. Doubtless the more learned can produce better
examples (or refute me completely).

One of the Masks of Simon comments apon the scheduled Baumgartner/Metcalfe
re-match. It is to be hoped that these do not slip into private Email world
as there are many gems contained in the debates, particularly for those of
without the time to do the neseccary (sp?) close textual work. The agression
point, however, I agree with, particularly when it moves away from the text
& becomes personal.

To take the role of Devlyn's advocate for a moment; an affronted scholar may
reveal answers to which the rest of us have not yet formed questions. Thus
an extended defense of an untenable position may bear fruit unrelated to the
origional proposal.




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