Simon & Grazers

From: danny bourne (
Date: Thu 07 May 1998 - 15:06:34 EEST


Whilst I agree with much of what you say, there are things that have been
learned from the Grazer debate: that the FHQ is an avatar of Kero Fin, that
the indigenous peoples pre-populating the Grazelands were probably pain
centaurs or descendants of pain centaurs, that the Grazers and te FHQ
herself are both actively heroquesting in the 1620s. (Although I must admit
there is reams of claim and counter claim you have to wade through to find
this out).

        Congratulations on your impending fatherhood; I do hope that this
is not another Nick induced craze otherwise I'll be having to beat Helen
off with a broom (and without her asking either, for once ;) )

The missing sisters she found have been identified as Esrolian earth
goddesses in previous discussions.

Yup, that is true, I remembered that one later (IIRC it's linked with the
FHQ's defeat of the Grazer Khan whose name I can't remember as the solar
Grazers become more earth rune tied Grazers thanks to culture assimilation)


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