Glorantha Digest: Who was Prax? ; Duckheart

Who was Prax? ; Duckheart

From: Frederic Ferro (
Date: Thu 07 May 1998 - 12:55:00 EEST

Hi everyone,

Almost all the toponyms in Central Genertela seem to have
an eponymous founder/hero(ine)/god(dess).

But who was Prax? A child of Tada or Genert?

Or is it a word which would mean "Treeless Land with xerophilous vegetation"
or "Battle against the Devil"? :-)

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Lord Julian wrote :
> The comic "Coeur de canard" (ie Duckheart) is AD&D style adventure
>with beautiful art and featuring a duck.

I do not like Trondheim's art, but there is a Broo on page 1!
It must be the first appearance of these creatures in a comic,
except in game magazines like Quest.

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