Re: FHQ and Horse

From: Nick Brooke (
Date: Thu 07 May 1998 - 14:17:42 EEST

Danny writes:

> Part of the current Heroquests that the Grazers are doing to transform
> the FHQ into a new deity encompasses her five stage Heroquest in Engizi-
> land). As she completes each stage of her quest, her horses regain the
> mythical parts of hippogriff lost over the years - the golden eyes,
> feathers, claws, wings and fiery breath.

The FHQ may well be trying this. But remember that the Char-Un are doing so
too, and with far more noticeable success.

One Q: what would you mean by "her" horses (the ones gaining attribites), in
this HQ project? A (limited) herd of *special* horses I can buy. But if it's
every horse in the Grazelands, that sounds problematical, to me.

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