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From: Nick Brooke (
Date: Thu 07 May 1998 - 14:17:47 EEST

Andrew writes:

> The Lunars use riddles and Riddlers to acheive their ends, and the
> Kralorelans use study & mediatation. Sounds like appoaching from
> the opposite sides to me.

Not necessarily. The sophisticated name for a riddle would be a "paradox" or
"conundrum" or some such; the sophisticated name for a Riddler is IMG a
"Philosopher". Greg sez that there are Lunar ascetics, mystical traditions
of discipline and devotion. And we all know that bald Lunar monks are
sitting in cross-legged meditation for many hours or days in their temple
cloisters. This may be how they develop their "mastery" of Nysalor Riddles,
if you want to go that far.

Just because the crass barbarians refer to Nysalorian philosophical insights
as "Riddles", doesn't mean that Lunar philosophers are a bunch of comedians.
I refer the hon. gentleman to the works of Plato: the question "What is
Virtue?" would be an excellent springboard for the aspiring Illuminate, and
the ensuing dialogue (plus time taken to think about it) is IMO more
indicative of what studying under a Riddler is like than the *BING!* You're
Illuminated! model familiar from trad. RQ games.

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