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Joerg mentioned:

> If you sum up the magic points involved in this process, a sorcerer with
> the ability to hold a spell (see Sandy's system) and a divine magic user
> get about the same deal for the reuse of an instant, powerful spell.


The Sorcerer would then say, "And my magic is more flexible than the
priest's, because *his* magical capabilities are limited by the totemic
nature of the pagan spirit he adores, while mine are limited only by the
extent of my knowledge."

And the Storm Voice would zap him with a Thunderbolt...

Julian Lord follows up someone's mention in passing:

>> Westerner's souls/spirits disappear after death. A proven "magico-
>> scientifical" fact in Glorantha.

> Not sure I've ever heard this one before. Is it in a published source
> I've stupidly forgotten about? Is it a Digest consensus?

I can't quote published sources, but this derives from my HtWwO and
subsequent chats on Malkioni theology with Greg. Treat it however you want:

The state or location or condition of "Solace" is utterly beyond the
understanding or experience of non-Malkioni peoples. You cannot reach it,
see it, visit it, heroquest to it, or call people back from it, whether
using shamanism, sorcery, rune spells, or any other means. What's in Solace
doesn't come back, save through miracles (like the extremely rare
appearances of Saints and Prophets post mortem). Indeed, the ability to

remain in communion with the world although in Solace may be the
distinguishing mark of holy persons in the West.

The Malkioni say that when they die, if they have been good (or righteous,
or law-abiding, or properly shriven, or whatever), their souls will go to
Solace in Glory. Many non-Malkioni say that their souls are utterly
destroyed because the Malkioni don't worship a "proper" God (i.e. a pagan
deity, like the ones everyone else understands). Some Malkioni sects include
alternate afterlives (perhaps including reincarnation and the like) as
precursors to the Big One; the Rokari have well-populated Hells; the
virtuous Carmanians may dally in the paradises of the Righteous Gods prior
to transcendence into Solace; and so forth. But the ultimate destination of
the Malkioni dead is beyond the ability of anyone to define, comprehend or

This does *not* specifically relate to the Brithini. When a Brithini dies,
his body rots and his "soul" (spirit, life-force, whatever) goes West, just
like anyone else's. Whether it ultimately ends up in Solace, or nowhere,
nobody can say for sure: the Brithini say it just dissipates, and they have
never been proved wrong. It seems unlikely, on the face of it, that there is
a colony of Brithini souls hanging out somewhere in the accessible
Otherworld. But the death of a Brithini looks (to any observer) just like
the death of anyone else normal: they wouldn't be "puzzled" to witness e.g.
Humakti being swept up into the Einheriar, or Orlanthi passing to feast in
Orlanth's Hall, or Carmanians crossing the Sword Bridge to Paradise --
they'd simply deny that these delusional manifestations were of any real
importance. I mean: the guy's still dead, isn't he? Isn't that what this is
all about?

NB: there may be a comparison with the Kralori Dead heading off to Vithela
and Parts Beyond upon the death of their Emperor. Again, this final passage
appears to remove them from the normal circles of the world to some special
place, inaccessible except to the spirits of deceased Kralori.

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