Glorantha Digest: The Invisible God is invisible

The Invisible God is invisible

From: Jose Ramos (
Date: Thu 07 May 1998 - 16:39:07 EEST

        I will write, if only to avoid an all Joerg's special again.

        Nick Brooke, with his usual eloquence, gives a refresher course on
Malkioni metaphysics. Two small commentaries, however:

        Most Malkioni would not understand that explanation. Only
knowledgeable Wizards, pious Lords and some cultivated Knights would
appreciate it.

        And that leaves the whole henotheist cultures to explain vis a vis
their gods.

        As for the False Gods, I always thought they were a GL propaganda
tool, that remains among certain scholars as fact.

        Julian Lord (who is closer than I thought, both physically and in
his positions) agrees with most of what I wrote. Considering the "heated"
nature of part of my post, it is a pleasant surprise.

        DI in the West. Acts of God must be rare, if only to highlight the
few times that happens (Hrestol's martyrdom comes to mind). I believe there
are no living direct witnesses of Hrestol's death because all the brithini
present converted inmediately, as did the old malkioni.

        What I feel that happens more often are saintly inspirations and
miracles. So a warrior may ask St. Talor for help to overcome his fears, or
a healer to St. Xemela to help a desperate case. It does not follow
necessarily the Saint gifts, but the demand and the act shorld be tied to
the Saint's life.

        Asking God directly is (IMO) sinful, as you doubt its omniscience
and omnipotence, and have too much pride believing that your own troubles

are important.

        So any westerner can ask for a kind of DI, but with reduced chance
(referring to RQ DI rules, that I don't like anyway) of an answer, reduced
cost (to become a devotee of the answering Saint, or one normal use of
his/her gift), and less power than the standard theist DI.

        In this way St. Orland, the Storm Knight, can give DI to believers
in his power, either theist, henotheist or tainted monotheist.

- - Concerning vanishing westerners souls, I have sold it, but I am
almost sure it was Greg in a Lore Auction (GC book?), and Sandy has said as
much in the Digest.

- - Brithini spirits For now I disagree with you about the brithini.
Does an apostate brithini (Arkat, for instance) get a soul "ipso facto",
even before age is felt?

        As a former french resident, where in France are you living? I know
some people and places to play.

        And if you have been to Santiago, you know God feels different in
Spain. And I say that as an agnostic, with a religious education.

Jose Ramos

"Por su naturaleza subjetiva como por su naturaleza objetiva, la guerra se
convierte en un juego" Karl von Clausewitz


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