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From: Nils Weinander (
Date: Thu 07 May 1998 - 20:53:43 EEST

> The state or location or condition of "Solace" is utterly beyond the
> understanding or experience of non-Malkioni peoples. You cannot reach it,
> see it, visit it, heroquest to it, or call people back from it, whether
> using shamanism, sorcery, rune spells, or any other means. What's in Solace
> doesn't come back, save through miracles (like the extremely rare
> appearances of Saints and Prophets post mortem). Indeed, the ability to
> remain in communion with the world although in Solace may be the
> distinguishing mark of holy persons in the West.

My theory is that Malkioni saints are rather like
mahayana buddhist bodhisattvas, i.e. they have achieved
Solace but chosen to remain "hovering" between the
mundane world and Solace in order to help the remaining
people to be good and virtuous so that they can also
goto Solace upon death.

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