Re: More God Learner

From: Simon Hibbs (
Date: Thu 07 May 1998 - 21:12:28 EEST

Mittmann, Mike says :

>>If this is true, then it implies that all the theist cultures in
>>glorantha are self-deluding fools.
>So let's look at Pavis then. We agree he is a god (yes?).
>I don't think he was born a god. (do you?) So it looks to me like
>was a transition in there somewhere. Did worship have anything to do
>with that transition? ( I would claim that the transition would have
>much more difficult without worship).

Pvis already existed before he was worshiped. In what way do you propose
that he was created by his worshipers? I thought you were arguing that
gods are created purely by worship?

Pavis attained divinity yes, but not purely through worship. He was
surely a powerfull heroquester, who attained divinity no doubt with the
help of many devoted followers. If he had simply sat on a throne in
Adari and demanded that everyone worship him, how far do you think he
would have got?



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