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Date: Fri 08 May 1998 - 01:08:52 EEST

From: Julian Lord

Hibbs, Philip says:

>>>"Illumination" and "Enlightenment" are effectively the same word, like=
>>>"Allied Spirit" is often called a "Familiar". =


>I was referring to the etymology: Enlightenment (the word) =

>means the same as Illumination.

AAARGH! NO! I *really* can't let THIS nasty little rhetorical trick past!=

In which way, exactly, are you suggesting that the etymology of "Allied
Spirit" is related to "Familiar", in the same way that "Illumination"
is related to "Enlightenment"?


For your enlightenment, etymology concerns itself with words,
and their derivation, particularly from a morphological POV. =

Illumination and Enlightenment are words which
*do* have a distant etymological link. (il-LU-mination
and en-LI-ghtenment : despite the vowel change, the LU
and LI derive, theoretically, from the same Indo-European
etymon, meaning light). I fail to see any similar =

resemblance between "Allied Spirit" and "Familiar".

Also, when there are two words, it is generally because (at least) =

two different meanings are present in the language. =

Synonymy can, in fact, almost never be demonstrated,
and is in any case exceedingly rare.

Quite apart from this theory, I have yet to see anyone
explain that Enlightenment and Illumination have =

only one meaning between them. I, personally, believe =

the opposite to be true.

An allied spirit and a familiar are, in the same way,
two different things IMHO.=


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