Riddles And Study

From: allen wallace (alwallac@linknet.kitsap.lib.wa.us)
Date: Fri 08 May 1998 - 02:24:18 EEST

I'm not sure if I agree with a lot of your basic premises on the
differences between Illumiination and Enlightenment. The basic premise
seems to be most succinctly put in the following quote.

> I have no particular proof of this, except that the Lunars use

riddles and Riddlers to acheive their ends, and the Kralorelans use

study & mediatation. Sounds like appoaching from the opposite sides

to me.


I don't see these as being from the opposite sides at all. Both are just
ways of making you get into the habit of thinking about things rather than
just reacting out of habit. That's the center of most real world forms of
enlightenment. Before you hit me with the old trusty killer, "Magic works
in Glorantha so Illumination is a greater thing than that," I have to
answer that that line of reasoning is specious and just another damn
filter/blinder that so many fast guns took shots at so recently. I'm not
saying that illumination is weaker for it, the person who actually sees
and thinks clearly is rare and dangerous.



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