D.I. in the West

From: Bill Thompson (interlit@pacificcoast.net)
Date: Fri 08 May 1998 - 01:13:42 EEST

>Jose Ramos says
>Subject: The Invisible God is invisible

> DI in the West. Acts of God must be rare, if only to highlight the
>few times that happens (Hrestol's martyrdom comes to mind). I believe there
>are no living direct witnesses of Hrestol's death because all the brithini
>present converted inmediately, as did the old malkioni.

Just curious what your source on this is. To my understanding at the time
of Hrestol's martyrdom there should be three main schools of thought.
Orthodox Malkionism(as practiced by the Brithini and some others), New
Malkionism (as practiced by the Seshnegi), and The New Hrestoli Way ( as
practiced by the recent converts of the Prince).

It seems to me that whenever there is an overt action of God, be it miracle
or disaster. It's interpretation is never agreed upon by different
factions. So the Orthodox Malkoni would have seen Joy of the Heart as
another example of New Malkoni excess. The new Malkoni would have seen it
as heresy since it advocated the relaxation of the Laws handed down by
Malkion himself. Also quite likely the advocates ofJoy of the Heart were
coming largely from a population of rebellious youth who chafed at the
rules of the previous generation(sickening Idealist propaganda).

When I refer to these schools of thought I don't mean the average working
Joe but rather the priests and politicians, landholders and nobles. The
people who have much to gain by maintaining the status quo. Amongst the
common folk the notions set forth by Hrestol caught fire (lol) and led to
the formation of the True Hrestoli Way and an internal struggle for power
within the church that led to the THW seizing power in 200

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