quick, let me sit down

From: danny bourne (d.bourne@dial.pipex.com)
Date: Fri 08 May 1998 - 20:34:16 EEST

Mikael Raaterova
>FHQ = Queen of feathered horses => quest to re-establish Hippogriff (or its
>powers). Makes obvious sense. Thanks!

What? I write something and two people agree with it in the same day?
That's the last time I ever say anything sensible (as anyone will find out
when I'm at the convulsion bar).

Nick B:
>One Q: what would you mean by "her" horses (the ones gaining attribites), in
>this HQ project? A (limited) herd of *special* horses I can buy. But if it's
>every horse in the Grazelands, that sounds problematical, to me.

Yup by 'her' horses I meant just the ones that belong to her - a very small
number of (goldeneye?) horses that belong to her/her retinue


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