Rune Fonts?

From: Jane Williams (
Date: Sat 09 May 1998 - 01:54:48 EEST

Tal Meta asked:

> Is anyone aware of a Truetype RQ Rune font other than Oliver
> Jovanovic's?
Well, I made my own before I found his. I may have a copy somewhere, but
quite frankly his is better. What did you want changing? It all looked
pretty good to me, and since most of us have it, we can use it in
documents without being incomprehensible.

> Or, alternatively, a freeware TTF editior (Win31, preferably?)
Not "free", quite, but what I first used was Corel Draw. You can pick up
early versions for about a tenner these days, and it does a lot more
than just fonts. If you want to discuss the technicalities further,
though, let's go to private email.

(BTW, the ISP have apologised, and the web page is back. On a much faster

Jane Williams


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