God Learner Secret continued

From: Fabian Kuechler (fabian.kuechler@medien.uni-weimar.de)
Date: Sat 09 May 1998 - 03:17:07 EEST

MoB tells us the story:

> (Much later, when I told Stafford the story, he chuckled and said that,
> come to think of it, he *could* express the GLS in 5 words, or even 3 if he
> wanted...)
and that is how the story continues:

I was strolling past Greg and MoB at Convulsion 1994 and heard what Greg
was saying (see above). The thing was rolling on in my head until I
asked Greg at the Lore Auction (Convulsion 1996):

"Greg, at the last Convulsion I heard you say that you could explain the
God Learner Secret in three words. My question is: Does this three words
form a complete sentence?"

- -.. and so this topic went of the ground, I guess.



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