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Date: Sat 09 May 1998 - 07:21:10 EEST

Bill Thompson:

[responding to the statement that all the Brithini who witnessed
Hrestol's Martyrdom converted]

>To my understanding at the time of Hrestol's martyrdom there should be
>three main schools of thought. Orthodox Malkionism(as practiced by the
>Brithini and some others), New Malkionism (as practiced by the Seshnegi),
>and The New Hrestoli Way (as practiced by the recent converts of the

I would not call the Brithini Orthodox Malkioni. IMO the Brithini
way had been changed during the Darkness under the traumatising
impact of the Silence (cf Elder Secrets Astromony section and Cults
of Terror).

The New Malkionism, I generally call Old Malkioni. This faith was
creaking at the joints at the Dawn and quickly became obsolete after
Hrestol although you will find a few loons claiming to be immortal
Old Malkion here and there.

IMO the New Hrestol Way did not really appear until 200 ST and they
were more of an educated reaction against the Pagan Ways of the
Serpent Kings which itself stemmed from the relevations of Hrestol.

>It seems to me that whenever there is an overt action of God, be it
>miracle or disaster. It's interpretation is never agreed upon by
>different factions. So the Orthodox Malkoni would have seen Joy of
>the Heart as another example of New Malkoni excess.

I'm not sure that Hrestol's Martyrdom was the Joy of the Heart. But
I think that any Brithini who witnessed it would have converted on
the spot. The Doubting Thomases back home not having any proof would
still remain unconvinced. Over time however, the Brithini have lost
whatever people of principle they had and become a race of cowards.

>The new Malkoni would have seen it as heresy since it advocated the
>relaxation of the Laws handed down by Malkion himself.

To which the obvious unanswerable answer was: 'if Hrestol was a
heretic, then why was he taken up into Solace?'.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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