Illumination & saints

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Date: Sat 09 May 1998 - 11:53:46 EEST

Simon Hibbs:
> > I have no particular proof of this, except that the Lunars use
> >riddles and Riddlers to acheive their ends, and the Kralorelans use
> >study & mediatation. Sounds like appoaching from the opposite sides
> >to me.
> So what is it that they are approaching from different directions?

Reintegration of the One and the Many.

Simon again:
>Malkioni saints remind me vaguely of the bodhisatva of Mahayana
>Buddhism, who chose not to enter nirvana in order to save others.

and Jose:
>This has the added advantage that in the RW some bodhisattvas have been
>worshipped as gods, something that happens in henotheist lands too.
>I take Saint to mean a human (or other mortal race) that has attained grace
>and still hangs on to help others reach Solace. That means that for some
>henotheists Orlanth, Ehilm and company were people in the far past who did

>great things and now are helping others.

Just some gratuitous gloating that I'm not alone in
believing this...

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