Hrestol's martyrdom

From: Jose Ramos (
Date: Sat 09 May 1998 - 16:34:27 EEST

Bill Thomson says mainly sensible things that I agree with.

I also think there was a division between the Old Malkioni and the New. But
hrestolism did not catch up as a religion (and Hrestol became widely known)
until his bodily ascension confirmed the righteousness of Hrestol's Joy of
the Heart.

Before his death the only followers he had were the few knights he had
instaured in Seshnela. He did not set up to become a religious model, his
life did. So his death (for caste crime) and glorification swept the
malkioni, and many brithini with them. I think it is better to keep the
actual ascension in doubt, and to suppose that a vision able to shatter
malkionism for ever could move the stone hearts of the brithini.

As to my sources, the guide to Sog city and the fragments mentioned in the
Digest of Hrestol's saga (Joerg I think, some of them in private mails)
were inspiring, but most ideas were mine. A man who is working as a judge
among the Vadeli would have trouble finding the time to be a charismatic

religious leader.

I interpret some miracles differently. Despite malkioni fragmentation, all
the sects but the brithini and the god forgoti have Hrestol in a place
almost as important as Malkion. So Joy of the Heart went uncontested by
anyone in the West. And that's the greatness of Hrestol.

        That is different from saintly miracles, that usually are subtle and
difficult to prove.



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