Malkoni Martyrdom

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Date: Sat 09 May 1998 - 22:58:23 EEST

Great response from Peter and Jose

> --Peter Metcalfe
>I would not call the Brithini Orthodox Malkioni. IMO the Brithini
>way had been changed during the Darkness under the traumatising
>impact of the Silence (cf Elder Secrets Astromony section and Cults
>of Terror)....
>The New Malkionism, I generally call Old Malkioni.

It always comes down to labels doesn't it. IMO I call the Brithini
"Orthodox because they have a tradition of worship that stretches back to

the Kingdom of Logic. Certainly they underwent change during the silence
but it is the Nature of Institutionalized Religion to be blind to its' own
change. Look at the Jewish religion before and after Moses, radical change
but they still consider themselves to be the one true path. Hence I call
the Brithini orthodox because they still pay lipservice to the original
code of the Lawgiver even though their interpretation and pracitce have
altered over the years.

Of course when Malkion comes up with that revisionist mind wash "Solace"
all the good and true Malkioni kick his sorry ass out of Brithos. So he
takes his new laws and sets up shop in Seshnela where the population
readily acept his teachings and soon consider themselves to be the true

>IMO the New Hrestol Way did not really appear until 200 ST and they
>were more of an educated reaction against the Pagan Ways of the
>Serpent Kings which itself stemmed from the relevations of Hrestol.

Yes and no. I think that the New Hrestol Way is a movement that began
before Hrestol's death with his band of followers and continued after his
Martyrdom. Gradually this movement would gain speed and size. As with any

organization be it political or religious, if you want to effect a change
of power then you need to come up with reasons that catch fire with your
support group. So the new Hrestoli say "Let's condemn Tapping,
primogenture, and all the various pagan stuff that we have inherited from
seshna Likita and her fork tongued children." Now tapping goes back long
before Queen Sesh to Brithos and the Kingom of L. But given Joy of the
Heart it's an easy item to put on the banned list. Ultimately the Hrestoli
seized power in 200 the same way we do today, power brokering favours and
playing on people's fears and ambitions.

>To which the obvious unanswerable answer was: 'if Hrestol was a
>heretic, then why was he taken up into Solace?'.

To which I concur with Jose when he says."I think it is better to keep the
actual ascension in doubt, and to suppose that a vision able to shatter
malkionism for ever could move the stone hearts of the brithini."

Appreciate your input guys..

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