Gloranthan Magic

From: Thomas Gottschall (
Date: Sun 10 May 1998 - 14:18:05 EEST

Hi everyone,

back again with a Gloranthan topic and a lot of questions.

I know that we had this topic some time ago but I would like
to resurrect it.

If I follow Sandy then to a Gloranthan all is magic. To
breathe is magic, birth is magic and I even to walk is
magic. So what would a Gloranthan call a spell ? Would he
recognize that it is different from other things he does ?

It seems that in Glorantha there is higher and lower magic
(based on the effects of it). The lower magic being one that
is done with spirit (MPs) while the higher one is powered by
the soul (POW). But what does a Gloranthan feel if he spends
MPs or POW ? Is this an act of will or of some instinct ?

When a worshipper of the sun god recites a prayer (and what
else is a spell ?) and it fails does that let him think that
he didn't get the text right or does he believe his god
didn't answer his call ?

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bye, Thomas

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