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Date: Sun 10 May 1998 - 22:36:23 EEST

From: Julian Lord

allen wallace: =

Nice input!

>While the use of etymology in the discussion is smoke screen, you can't
>use Terran Etymolgy for Glorantha, thats like using etymology on a
>translation to try to draw conclusions about the source culture.

Fair enough, but I wasn't the one who started talking about
etymology. =

Otherwise, you make an interestingly complex point. =

Gloranthan languages are non-existent. =

I feel, however, that proper etymological enquiry is OK when =

applied to Glorantha, because the source material is written using =

RW languages, or translated from other RW languages. =

It holds meaning for RW people.

IF you were right, and a RW language *were* incapable
of accurately describing Glorantha (which is what you are implying)
then Glorantha would be incomprehensible until its languages =

were described. If we are to see these texts as containing
meaning, then RW linguistics, including etymology, apply.

Description of Gloranthan languages could be done, of course, but: =

GLS the A-Good-Guess version: It's a game.

>Familiar and Allied spirit are close enough to be identical. =

Well, I disagree, but there's nothing wrong with this POV.

>By the way, if you are an English speaker you are more likely to have
>different words for the same thing than many other languages. This is le=
>due to meaning differences than source language differences. There is a
>hill in england whose name is hill hill hill if you translate all its
>elements into modern english.

I'd quibble with your hill hill hill example 'cos proper nouns are
ultimately untranslateable, whatever their etymology. Furthermore,
old words which aren't part of the modern language don't count as
synonyms from a synchronic POV. They might not even be words, =

although one could quibble for years and years about this. =

     Not on the Digest?

Anyone willing to write the Gloranthan Lexicon?

Nick Brooke:

>ME> Yelm has, I believe, a stable orbit?


The Sunstop was a magical event, and
Mundane Laws became locally (universally?) =

false until it ceased. Yelm's orbit is
stable, but if you manipulate time, will =

celestial mechanics continue functioning

Your turn.


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