Benefits of Illumination

From: Lord Julian (
Date: Mon 11 May 1998 - 10:41:51 EEST

allen wallace:

>>Illumination would be a clarity of unbound consciousness, =

>>a purity of soul.

>I Like It! I think you'll have to tweak some of the 'special effects' o=
>the Illuminatory powers to fit this model, ...

Thanks. There are I think several different degrees of
Illumination as suggested by Greg's more recent writing
on the subject. Each gives some level of freedom from
spiritual ties. Material or social ties, nonetheless,
remain. Most Illuminates with tentacles would IMG
register as chaotic because their physical chaos would =

trigger detection spells even if their souls didn't. =

An illuminated rapist (oxymoron?) or =

Lokamayadonist wouldn't, and neither would =

a run-of-the-mill illuminated broo.

But yes, you're right, the special effects might
need a little tweaking. Lords of Terror suggests
as much.
Peter, Simon, and Nils: =

re: Malkioni saints and bodhisatva of Mahayana Buddhism.

How do these interesting ideas fit in with gloranthan
illumination? Do you think that a chaotic can be a
worshipper of the Invisible God, for instance?


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