Illumination & saints

From: Simon Hibbs (
Date: Mon 11 May 1998 - 12:09:38 EEST

Nils Weinander :

>> > I have no particular proof of this, except that the Lunars use
>> >riddles and Riddlers to acheive their ends, and the Kralorelans use
>> >study & mediatation. Sounds like appoaching from the opposite sides

>> >to me.
>> So what is it that they are approaching from different directions?
>Reintegration of the One and the Many.

And this is different from actual Illumination and Enlightenment?

Perhaps you are right that the methuds used to attain Illumination and
Enlightenment differ, but surely the ultimate states of conciousness
achieved are of the same nature?

The illumination writeup in Dorastor says that not all illuminates have
all the listed powers, and that different schools of illumination
commonly acheive different apparent effects. I imagine this is also true

of Enlightenment.

I imagine that many illuminates would be considered by the Kralori to be
Enlightened and vice versa. However, perhaps there are some illuminates
that Enlightened Kralori would not accept as being Enlightened. I have
no idea how the distinction would be made.

Simon Hibbs


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